Have you ever wondered why US public policy rarely, if ever, reflects the views and values of most Americans? Have you wondered how is it that a “democracy” has allowed so few to control so much? The US has an 18th century electoral system that was never designed to serve a society as large and diverse as ours, and in fact, it CAN’T! It can only continue to FAIL!
This OUTDATED system gives a disproportionate amount of political power to certain segments of society. The 1 percent is well aware of how the electoral system works, and they work it from every angle to ensure that the wealth and resources of this country and the world will remain in the hands of the few. The solution is a better representative democracy, and that can be achieved. We can update our electoral system so that it gives everyone a pathway to meaningful representation.
OutdatedDemocracy offers free interactive presentations designed to unpack our undemocratic electoral system. We explain why our democracy can’t work and what we can do to fix it! We discuss how to build a 21st century representative democracy. Topics covered include:
Pro-Slavery origins of the Electoral College, Busting the EC myths
Proportional Representation, Ending Winner-Take-All
One Person, One Vote
Non-Competitive Safe Seat Districts  
Multi-Party democracy, Ending the Duopoly 
The presentation is designed to be an interactive teach-in. The structure is flexible and can be tailored to fit any available time slot. A 2-hr time frame is preferable. You provide the venue. We provide the interaction.


OutdatedDemocracy: A 21st Century Civics Lesson is a documentary film that explains the barriers to meaningful representation and explores and evaluates the solutions for updating our electoral system. Our 18th Century electoral system was not designed to serve a society as large and diverse as ours. The Founders were clear. They expected future generations to update our system as times change. Clearly our system is failing and the time has come to update our representative democracy so that it works for everyone.

Barriers to Meaningful Representation:

The Electoral College
Gerrymandered Safe Seats
Winner-Take-All Vote Allocation
Two-Party Duopoly
 Outdated Democracy explores the following solutions:
National Popular Vote Plan
Fair Redistricting
Ranked Choice Voting (Instant Runoff)
Proportional Representation


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