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Ivory Coast

On October 2, Outdated Democracy traveled to Koreatown to stand before the Chinese Consulate in attempt to urge Xi Jinping to make ivory hunting illegal, as he pledged he would. When we arrived, many citizens gathered to discuss the ideals of the cause and how irate they were that humans could be so blind and dismissive of the torture these poor animals are going through. “EXTINCTION 2025!” A poster read.

“Picture time!” Shouted the organizer, prompting the media and other cameramen to take as many shots as they needed – we ceased the opportunity. We talked to many people about ODD and they were very ecstatic about what we hoped to accomplish through our documentary.

We got a few clips in right before the march began. By the time we got to the busy street of Wilshire Blvd., the chants and songs began again. “Stop poaching now!” Was the main go-to chant/phrase that shook the school kids above us in a classroom. The school boys cheered us on as we marched by, proud that we were heard by someone. We were excited by the movement and also managed to get a few more people in the march and other pedestrians to answer some questions before we got back to the consulate.

                                                                                                                                                               -Renie Simone